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Daily Yoga Practice.

We have curated a yoga program to meet the needs of our guests who have come to us for healing. We use a full spectrum approach to stimulate the bodys connective tissue and create greater flexibility. We focus on clearing and balancing the chakras, with emphasis on hip, heart and throat opening poses, to ensure you are ready to receive in all aspects of your life. Our yoga teachers have been trained and fully benefited from classical and innovative approaches to yoga. Students on all levels, beginner to expert, are welcomed to participate and are empowered to experience the classes.

Yoga is a discipline for one’s mental and physical health and spiritual development through its tandem use of exercise and meditative practice. The yogic practice is a tool for transformation. Rythmia is so dedicated to this part of the program that we have mindfully designed and built a yoga temple to support the practice. Classes are held every morning (except Friday). We provide mats, bolsters and pillows so you don’t have to travel with yours. The practice of yoga is a vital part of the everyday activities at Rythmia and we encourage all guests to take advantage to keep their body, mind and spirit in balance.

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