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Jordan River

Meet Jordan River

Jordan River is the creator of Spirit Science, starting with the original cartoon series back in 2011, after many years of learning animation as a hobby since he was 12.

The original intention behind Spirit Science was “Wow! If everyone knew this stuff, the world would change overnight!” – which emerged after Jordan experienced a profound spiritual awakening at the end of 2010.

Spirit Science was his way to share his exploration with the world in an open hearted way.

Over the years, Spirit Science has evolved and grown in many different ways, amassing millions of subscribers and followers from around the world. With the help of some very wise teachers, mentors, and the amazing plant medicine ceremonies at Rythmia – Jordan has taken Spirit Science to a new level, with a global team working hard to produce new content for the world on a weekly basis!

Jordan River
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APRIL 18 – 24, 2021


What an exciting time to be alive! We are rediscovering our ancient roots and the spiritual heritage that was left behind us. We are finding that in ancient times, the divine feminine played such a critical role in our spiritual traditions, just as much as the masculine.

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