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Shaman Durek

Meet Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek inherited a rich legacy of ancient wisdom and now shares this knowledge in a modern context. He is a sixth-generation shaman educating people on how to make shamanism a lifestyle choice for evolutionary adaptation.

As an author, activist, and a women’s empowerment leader he has devoted decades to study and practice, applying ancient spiritual wisdom to bring success, happiness, and healing into people’s lives.

He advises everyone from celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina Dobrev to innovative executives such as Bulletproof Coffee founder, Dave Asprey. Shaman Durek’s work has been recognized by major publications such as People Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Refinery29, You Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, and Parade Magazine. He has also been featured on major health and wellness podcasts including Bulletproof Radio, The Skinny Confidential, and Expanded Podcast.

He was the first spirit Shaman to be featured on The Doctors, and now makes regular appearances on the show. Shaman Durek has a devoted following and his podcast Ancient Wisdom Today is a global phenomenon impacting millions of lives worldwide.

Shaman Durek
Upcoming Events

FEBRUARY 23 – MARCH 1, 2020


During this workshop, Shaman Durek will teach you to activate the energies within your being so that you can actually change the frequencies of the energies in both your inner and outer universe.

This workshop will be an experiential and deeply cathartic experience. You will encounter the spirit world, learning how to build a relationship with it, and grasping an understanding of what it means to operate in the shamanic life.

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