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Rob Wergin

Meet Rob Wergin

Rob is not what you would expect from a person with extraordinary gifts. His clarity, openness, and utmost humility attract a mix of people from around the world. At a young age he was able to heal animals and communicate with spirits.

These gifts were not understood, and he learned to ignore them. For over 30 years, he worked in corporate America as a highly successful CEO until one day, he was hit by the ultimate cosmic 24. In that time of deep despair, he asked what his life was for and HE HEARD THE ANSWER.

Since then, Rob has dedicated his life to be a vessel for Divine Light and Love. Rob has helped OVER 100 thousand people of all ages and beliefs.

Raised in a strict Christian home in the heart of South Dakotas rich Native American culture, Rob draws from the essence of all traditions as he intends his work to be universally available to all people.

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Rob Wergin
Upcoming Events

DECEMBER 2 – 9, 2018


Join Rob at Rythmia and share in the Divine and loving energy creating the transformation of your soul. Robsvast and infinite connection to unconditional love and limitless bliss can be felt by all in his presence – simply by letting go and inviting and trusting that Divine energy is there for your highest good, your greatest support and your deepest peace and healing.

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