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Natalie Ledwell

Meet Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, and co-founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary Personal Development company that has reached over 5.8 million people worldwide.

She is currently working on her brand new, groundbreaking program entitled, “Personal-Growth Studies”, which is a powerful children’s curriculum designed to help youth from ages 5-18 in establishing a strong foundation that will give them tools for the rest of their lives.

The pilot program is being used in Liberia and New Zealand currently, with plans in motion to bring it to the rest of the world in 2019.

Natalie Ledwell
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APRIL 14TH – 21ST, 2019


Natalie is the Queen of life design and visualization. In this workshop you will be empowered with:

* How to get clear about what you really want​
* How to articulate that through affirmations, photos, and music
* How to visualize most effectively and how emotions are the key to creating ‘this or something better’

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WORKSHOP BENEFIT: You will not walk away from this session the same person you were when you walked in!!!

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