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Mitch Schultz

Meet Mitch Schultz

From an early age, Mitch’s curiosity of the unknown universe forged his path into storytelling and research. His work as a transmedia producer, experienced designer, and educator explores the inherent connections among consciousness, nature, culture, and the evolving human mythology.

In the early ‘90s the confluence of art, information, and technology became the perfect storm for the germination of ideas that continue to inspire Mitch today.

My academic research at UT Austin and New York University focused on communication theory, information technology, and media production.

During his education he mentored with visionary producer Tommy Pallotta on films such as Waking Life, music videos (Destiny, In the Waiting Line), and the interactive sci-fi mystery Amnesia Moon.

In 2003 he launched Spectral Alchemy as a creative interface for his work over the next decade in indie/studio development, broadcast, interactive design, and commercial production.

In 2009 Mitch decided to focus exclusively on his personal creative vision. As a result, his first documentary, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, premiered two years later and became an instant cult classic. The DMTRMX project, an open source media library and emergent storyworld, became the inspiration for MYTHAPHI.

Mitch’s ongoing curiosity of the future and academic musings on cultural evolution have led to speaking appearances at conferences such as Bioneers and SXSW, universities, Burning Man and nonprofits (IONS) across North & South America, Europe and Australia (OoC Tour).

In 2016 Mitch co-founded the ONE Series – a forum for discussions with visionaries exploring the edge – hosted monthly at Ludlow House in New York City.

Mitch Schultz
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As complexity continues grow, the evolution of consciousness imparts new relationships to our understanding of reality, revealing the emergence of a new human story.

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