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Dr. Michael and Sema Dimarco

Meet Dr. Michael and Sema Dimarco

Dr Michael DiMarco is a nationally recognized fitness expert, speaker and entrepreneur. He has helped co-founding several multi-million dollar businesses including one of the most popular nutritional fitness companies by millennials, Shredz Supplements and a thriving sports medicine practice that has worked with professional athletes, bodybuilders and celebrities.

He met his wife, Sema, at the end of 2012 through a mutual friend. A first date that ended with gifts of supplements to help cure a cold she was getting over has turned into an incredible journey for them both.

Sema immigrated to the United States from Turkey at the age of 14. Unable to speak the language at first and ridiculed for it she did what every hero does, she turned her adversity into her strength and became a nationally ranked fitness champion all while breaking into the financial world, landing a position at one of Wall Street’s top investment banking firms.

A true millennial “power couple” they are now inspired to share the secrets they have learned and continue to learn along this journey, to help others break free and unlock their hidden superpowers so that they too can enjoy mental and physical enhancement, spiritual awareness, growth and prosperity, thriving personal relationships, and financial abundance by tapping into their SoulAbility.

You can begin unlocking your own superpowers by visiting:

Dr. Michael and Sema Dimarco
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AUGUST 20 – 27, 2017


Unleash your inner superhuman. Since the beginning of time man has told stories of humans with abilities that seem to transcend what regular humans are capable of through epic tales to modern comic book superheroes.

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