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Mary Shores

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20 years ago, Mary Shores started with an idea. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur with a multi-million-dollar, heart-centered business and a best-selling Hay House book, Conscious Communications.

But she didn’t start that way. Mary hit rock-bottom after enduring the loss of her daughter and surviving an unstable past, but found within herself the strength to rebuild by founding an industry-changing business. She now inspires others with lessons of resiliency and empowerment nationwide.

Mary Shores
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JANUARY 5TH-12TH, 2020


Clear the Clutter and Focus on What Matters. All seekers on a spiritual path have one powerful thing in common: A deep need for truth and healing. And like you, this desire for truth has compelled them to seek out the most impactful experiences such as plant medicine, healing, and integration to help maintain their expansion of consciousness.

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