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Lisa Solis Delong

Meet Lisa Solis Delong

Lisa Solis DeLong RN is a sought after inspirational speaker and author. Her message of hope, healing and deep wisdom has been derived from over twenty years of raising two sons with cancer, one living and one gone.

Lisa’s first son, Justin, was diagnosed with leukemia at age five, was in remission for almost ten years, relapsed and died at the age of fifteen. Six years later, her youngest son, Jacob, was diagnosed with the same kind of leukemia. Jacob is now a healthy teen.

Through the voice of her disincarnate son, Lisa shares insights on living a truly joyful life. During profound spiritual experiences at the bedside of her boys, Lisa was gifted with the ability to hear and know deep truths about life, death and living with purpose.

Through her book, workshops, and blogs Lisa has been sharing these insights but her favorite forum is live audiences where the magic of real time experience occurs. Masterful, witty, and tender to the needs of the grieving, Lisa’s heartfelt desire to live her calling as a healer, nurse and empath shines through. You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to experience Lisa live at Rythmia.

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Lisa Solis Delong
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Through storytelling and sensitivity exercises attendees will strengthen their ability to tune-in to their channeling capabilities and expand their understanding of mediumship as an innate skill in us all.

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