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Jordan River of Spirit Science

Jordan is the creator of Spirit Science, and author of Patch Tarot, The Book of Patch, and the Book of Spirit. Spirit Science was first created 2011 when his love of animation harmonized with his spiritual awakening the year prior.

Originally this series began with the open hearted intention to make cartoons about what he was passionate about, and to share these spiritual discoveries with the world in a way that was easy to understand.

Over the years, there has been a great deal of growth along his journey, and the lessons he learned along the way made it all worth it. Today, he is now running this video production studio, managing creation teams from all around the world, and holding compassion for all life across the earth!

Jennifer Sodini

Jennifer Sodini is an eclectic entrepreneur based on the East Coast. The term eclectic by definition means deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources; that description merely scratches the surface of where Jennifers inspirations and multifaceted abilities come from.

In March of 2013 she founded the website, which inspires conscious evolution by questioning our current reality and exploring esoteric philosophy, and spirituality.

Jennifer is a contributing writer to many top conscious media platforms, such as Watkins Magazine, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Collective Evolution, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, and The Know Culture.

Her modern adaptation of the Seven Hermetic Principles went viral on Facebook, receiving over 2 million views

Jennifer consults with many conscious media brands seeking to develop their digital presence and grow highly engaged online communities focused on the mind, body and spirit.

Jennifer has an innate gift to perceive beyond what is visibly seen. A born psychic and spiritual intuitive, Jennifer has provided oracle card/psychic readings for thousands of people, hosted workshops on “Unlocking Your Psychic Potential”, and given talks about the dynamic between creativity/spirituality at events across the United States such as WITMA, SoulCamp, Rise Gatherings, Lucidity Festival, PEX, Gratitude*NYC, and East Meets West.

Her work in this realm helped inspire the Brown Magick oracle card deck, and Jennifer appeared in an episode of Season 23 of America’s Next Top Model, where she provided oracle card readings for Drew Elliott from Paper Magazine, and the final contestants. Jennifer’s own oracle deck (and accompanying guide book), Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World, will be published by Running Press in Spring of 2019.


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Ben Decker

Ben Decker, is a social activist, meditation teacher, energy worker, and entrepreneur. He’s the author of Practical Meditation for Beginners, a cross-disciplinary guide to ten different meditation techniques, the traditions that practice them, the scientific studies revealing their physiological efficacy, and instructions for their many real-life applications.

Ben has shared his love of meditation with thousands. His work is universal, well-rounded and rooted in ancient wisdom & modern pragmatism and has also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Face the Current, Evolve & Ascend, Spirituality & Health, Thrive Magazine, LA Yoga, and more. Ben is a founding Meditation Teacher at the most prominent meditation studios in Los Angeles, including Unplug Meditation, The DEN Meditation, Wanderlust Hollywood, and Mystic Journey.

His love for meditation & the spiritual teachings of ancient traditions goes back to childhood. Ever the idealist and enthusiastic learner, this enthusiasm for meditation has won him praise by Conscious Lifestyle Magazine as “one of the world’s leading meditation teachers,” and Well + Good as a “superstar meditation instructor.”

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Jordan River
Jordan River
Jordan River
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