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Leigh J McCloskey

Meet Leigh J McCloskey

Leigh J McCloskey is an artist, author, actor and visual philosopher. He has lived a life dedicated to the exploration of the archetypal and hidden aspects of the psyche through his art and experiences as a professional actor for many years. He has hosted philosophical salons in his home, Olandar, for over 36 years.

He is the author and artist of seven books and numerous essays. His writing and art combines a thorough knowledge of arcane wisdom, depth psychology and mythic imagination. He is the founder of Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance (OFFER) and his goal is to seed imaginative and creative renaissance within the ever-evolving story of psyche & soul and the artistry of consciousness.

McCloskey is a previous presenter at Rhythmia and lectures both nationally and internationally. He has given numerous talks and presentations of his art and visual philosophy. He has contributed numerous essays on topics ranging from William Blake and the Heroic Imagination, the Archetypal Tarot & the Kabbalah, to Jacob Boehme and Theosophical Thought. He has written, illustrated and published seven books, including his masterpiece, “Tarot ReVisioned.”

Leigh is also a well known actor who has starred in many television shows and movies including Dallas and a number a day time dramas such as General Hospital and Young And The Restless.

Leigh J McCloskey
Upcoming Events

JUNE 9TH – 16TH, 2019


A Workshop Presentation on how to enjoy, navigate and embody the Inner Theatre of the Psyche and Soul and trust in its creative tools with Leigh J McCloskey, Actor, Artist, Author and Visual Philosopher.

Workshop Benefit:  It is an honor to return to Rythmia Life Advancement Center to be a presenter and participant in a place of such beauty, tranquility and healing. This workshop will explore symbolical tools for liberating your inner creator and cultivating personal transformation based in spontaneous art, theatre, character development and dream symbolism.

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