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Covering everything from Syrian refugee camps to the Academy Awards, I am a 4-time Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist working mostly for ABC Network News and EXTRA TV. I can also be seen on Good Morning America and ABC’s digital platforms, most notably giving viewers a backstage look into Dancing With The Stars.

I always wanted a place to tell the stories that I couldn’t tell on TV, and that's why I created a YouTube channel with a focus on spirituality, as well as the best and latest treatments in health and beauty. At we cover everything from people who have tapped into their pineal gland and can still see while completely blindfolded to the "real-life Thor" taking a DNA test. There you’ll also find my journey with plant medicine (ayahuasca) in Costa Rica, my stem cell surgery a shoulder injury, and even the time I got a hair transplant!

I am also the co-founder of Modern Nirvana, along with my best friends Kat Graham and Bryant Wood. The goal of Modern Nirvana is to be a catalyst for transformation in people's lives, to inspire them to take control of their spiritual and physical wellbeing, by sharing both ancient practices and modern bio-hacks on our YouTube channel and at our annual conference. Our mission is to bring inspiration and information to a new generation, paving a way for a more enlightened world. If you are human, you have the potential to be superhuman. We can help.

Frank Elaridi
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JULY 24 – 31, 2022


Within all of us is a little child who just wants to feel that they are loved and protected. Traumas from our past, and we all have them, may be forgotten, but they unconsciously show up in our relationships, our careers, families, and other areas of life. We’re going to discuss a couple of ways to work on healing that inner child through meditation, guided plant medicine journeys, and “the emotion code.”

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